Questions, Questions, Questions….

I freely admit that I’m often confused on why I read, watch or hear stories that just don’t make sense.   Obviously, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can’t help believe that I’m not alone in my confusion.

Question 1:  Why is there sooooooo much rhetoric about social inequalities involving homosexuals, bi-sexuals and transgender people?

I did some research.  According to the census completed in March of 2015, 3.8% of the U.S. population identifies themselves within the HBT grouping.  3.8%?????!!  Why then, do I hear, see, read about issues that are so “mainstream” within the media?  How can you be “mainstream” when 96.2% of the public (I can do the math in my head) is outside this boundary?   Hmmmm…could it be that the % of HBT within the media is much higher than 3.8%…like MUCH higher?!  I’m thinking “YES”.

In this country, majority rules.  It’s the founding principle of our government and our society.   That doesn’t mean we ignore  minority groups, but rather, we focus most of our energies on the vast majority, while addressing minority issues when possible.

Remember that whole “Main Street…not Wall Street” mantra of Obama.   Ok, then let’s focus on that “Main Street”…the group that is happily heterosexual…though probably unhappily married. ?  BTW, speaking of marriage…I’m all for homosexual unions.  Why shouldn’t they share in the pain and suffering of unholy matrimony?!

Question 2:  Why after so many presidential campaigns, when inevitably there was much discussion on the health of the candidates (we only really cared about their running mates because they were only a hiccup away from Prez),  we don’t hear anything about the obvious health issues of the Anti-Christ Clinton?  Have you seen her recently?  If you think she’s looking bad now, just think about down the road.

Remember how the press tried to toast Reagan for his age,  Bob Dole for his damaged paw, Chris Christie for his girth.  Hmmmm…I just realized…all republicans.  But the democratic party, the champions of the young, aggressive liberals, are blindly supporting a 68 year-old who looks overweight and sickly…and the fun is just starting!

I remember when I was “young and aggressive”, I questioned everything.  My mom frequently said that I would argue with a mileage sign…you know…the kind you see on Interstate 40:  “Oklahoma City  76 miles”.   For some reason, no one is talking or writing about her health challenges.  For God’s sake, she looks like something a wolf ate and shit over the cliff!

Question 3:  Why did the Obama administration “secretly” send $400 million to Iran as part of some arbitration decision within the World Court?  Huh??

First of all…how could it be “secret” if the administration confirmed it?  Evidently, it had to be in cold, hard cash…and NOT U.S. dead presidents.  That’s because we have an embargo in place with Iran and can’t give them our currency.  So we give them the cash equivalent in euros and swiss francs.

“Why cash,”  you ask?  Well, the Iranians don’t have access to world financial institutions because the WHOLE, FRIGGIN’ WORLD has an embargo on those fine folks in Tehran.   So why are we paying them for an aborted arms deal that took place in the 70’s under that great President Carter?  No idea…I mean, none at ALL….until I read…  4 US hostages were released the same day those buttfaces got the money.  Ahhhhhh…it was a pay-off.  So  we’re negotiating with terrorist.  It all makes sense now.  ?

Here’s the good news.  The former Secretary of State of the Obama administration is going to be our next president.   Good thing she’s such an expert on international politics and willing to tow the tough line against all the Bad Guys.  I can’t wait for Putin to tell her to set the dinner table when he’s hungry.

Be Afraid people…be very AFRAID!!




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