Is Everything our Fault?

So rare that we read about what the middle class does right.  If you’re white and male and live in a nice house, you’re a target for just about everyone.  If you’re offended by what you think is a racist, sexist, elitist  thought, then stop reading now.  Put your head in the sand and continue whining about how life isn’t fair.

Some white couple in Michigan wrote about the racist policies of the NCAA…how they exploit black athletes to achieve incredible profits…which go the white guys in charge.   Ok…no doubt the NCAA is  the most morally and ethically corrupt organization this side of DC politics.  Yes, athletes, black and white, in the major revenue generating sports, see VERY little in return for their efforts…on the FIELD.  No dispute there.  What are they expecting?  What do they deserve?  You’re an athlete, on a full-ride scholarship to a school that may or may not be an outstanding academic institution.   You can get a degree; be part of a robust alumni; get yourself set for a lucrative career in business, medicine, law, etc.  Instead, some want to unionize and get “pay for my play”.  Hello….you play a GAME!

The article focused on the racism of the white leadership…the same leadership that exploits white athletes as well (wouldn’t that be “white on white crime”?).   Well, about 60% of all athletes in football and basketball are black, according to their study.  That means 40% are non-black (mostly white)…I know that because I paid attention in math.  But their assumption is the non-blacks were from more affluent backgrounds.  How the hell would they know that??   Because all white guys are middle-class dudes!!  That must be correct, right??  It’s your FAULT, white America!!

To me, it’s any easy answer.  I say:  Let all athletes turn pro whenever they want.  If they want to get their ass kicked in the Mediocre Football League as a 17 year-old, then have at it.  Make the NBA accept kids out of high school.   Good Luck, Baby.  All I ask is when they (you know, “them guys”) don’t make it, don’t come crying back, saying they were “mislead” or “deceived”.   To quote Lawrence Taylor, “I was setup like a mutha-f***ah!”  Obviously,  they could accept a scholarship, but they must accept that form of “amateurism.”   College baseball players have been doing it for years.  Finally, if neither option is attractive, I hear they’re hiring at Planter’s Peanuts.

I watched some of the ladies golf this weekend.  They were playing in Palm Springs.  If you’re not aware, the area has a significant homosexual presence.  They display the pride of their sexual orientation openly and without reserve.  Many homes had rainbow flags flowing in the breeze.  God Bless ’em.  However, it did get me thinking.  My brother J and I decided that the white, heterosexual, male community needed a flag to display openly and without reserve.  I give you our flag:

Boy Flag

For our heterosexual sisters, I propose their flag:

Girl Flag

*Editor’s Note:  There may be some cross-sexual envy with both flags, but that will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The next logical step is to start planning a “Heterosexual Pride Week.”  I’m thinking Super Bowl Week….maybe World Series…don’t forget March Madness.   Of course, we could just say “screw it” and have it during any Beer-fest, Wine-fest, Cigar-fest, or Scotch-fest celebration…or during the History Channel’s “World War 2” week.

Then again, we could just sit in the backyard, drink and smoke, scratch ourselves while we tell old stories, happily farting and burping the time away.  Long Live Us White Dudes!



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