A Victory for Common Folk…

…who are all misogynists, homophobes, and racists…so say the elitist Liberals.  Ain’t it grand to be an American.

This country finally got one right.  To be honest and accurate, the folks in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona got it right.  They didn’t accept the condescending attitudes of the coastal states, who treated them with contempt.  “They’re too stupid and lazy to think for themselves.  They’ll do what we (liberals and press) tell them to do.”  They got tired of being told it’s their responsibility to take care of those who don’t want to work, those who prefer to be given something for nothing, and to respect everyone, regardless of their political and religious convictions driven by hatred and blatant disregard of our country’s civil protection agencies.   “NO,” they said.  “Not anymore.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a huge critic of the American public…especially those weed-benders from the rural part of this country.  “I want me guns and I wanna kill something.”  But,  I must admit that I’m proud of those folks who stood up.  This is the America of our Founding Fathers.  The People Spoke!!  Not the press, not the elitist, not the politicians…it was the PEOPLE who matter.  “Listen to us,” they said.  Well, guess what…you better pay attention now.  The precedent has been set.  I hope we follow thru.

Now, for Clinton.  Your smug, arrogant, shriveled-face persona is now dead.  Officially.  “Ding, Dong…”  You’re the poster-child for entitlement:  “I deserve this…I do!!”  Go away now.  Be classy and disappear…and take that miserable excuse of a husband with you, not to mention that Mad-magazine daughter of yours.  Please…go away!  You have been an embarrassment for 24 years…an evil lump of flesh.  Personally, you looked sick and feeble, even before the election.  You better wander off; if not, I give you about a year before natural selection takes you.  Buh-bye!

For those students and others who want to protest the results, have your fun.  Enjoy your next few days of civil disobedience.   Skip classes, miss work, use the “I’m too upset to do anything today” while it lasts.  The times, they may be a-changing.  You might wake up in the near future and be expected to perform EVERY DAY.  No more freebees, no more excuses…”My wife she…my kids they…my dog it…”  You’re upset?  Call your mom or your pastor or your priest or your rabbi.  We don’t care.  You don’t do your assignments, you don’t do your jobs…guess what…you’re out!  (BTW, I hear they’re hiring at Planter’s Peanuts).

It’s time our educational establishments took back the mandated requirements to “help” everyone, including little Johnny or Pedro, learn English.  If you can’t keep up, study harder!  Aim higher.  Challenge students to excel.  Don’t squelch hard work and high achievement by dumbing down minimum acceptable performance.  Encourage extraordinary performance…and reward it accordingly.

If you’re the best candidate for a job, you get the job.  It’s not because they need more minority hires; it’s because they need more competent hires.  This country was built on achievement at ALL levels.  Competition, competition, competition.  You don’t feel good about losing…then don’t lose!!  Fight, work, study, achieve.  In the world of global competition, there are no points for second place.

For those “expert pollsters” out there, get a real job.  You fools pretend to know what the public wants.  Well, I think they want you to “cram it and rotate” (my favorite saying from the 60’s…still not sure what it means).  For the press, stand-by.  The glory days of doing/saying whatever you like might get you sent to the playpen.  This guy holds people accountable.  Giddy Up.

I’m not a Trump fan…I voted for neither one of them.  He’s a showman…a businessman…perhaps even a charlatan.  Will he be effective…who knows.  We’re in uncharted waters.  But here’s where we aren’t.  We’re not stuck in that quagmire of liberal Hell where ugly people tell us what we should think, do, act, etc.  It’s time to do what the free-market allows.  Societal norms are up to us.  Treat all people with respect, if they deserve it.  If not, you’re “cleared in HOT” to make sure they understand your feelings, if you so desire,  regardless of any PC norms.  “Hey dude, you have no energy because you’re fat.”  “Hey lady, there’s nothing wrong with looking like a female.”   “Hey kid, you’re ignorant.  Read a book.  Learn basic arithmetic.”

It’s OUR country, people.   Protest if you like.  Many people died to ensure that right.  But you better be ready to work afterwards.  For the GOP, you’re on the clock!  Perform, or guess what…You’re FIRED!

Finally, I’m writing this on Veterans’ Day.  It’s a tough day for me; along with Memorial Day.  Names and faces of my departed friends come back to me in high definition.   It was an honor and a privilege to serve with you all.  You’re my Heroes.  God Bless.



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