Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

The United States Justice Department recently completed a report on creating more diverse  police agencies.  The report was generated by the Department’s Civil Rights Division and the Equal Opportunity Commission.   I know…I know.  Your hair should immediately start tingling as it stands straight up.  As my father would say: “Whoa Boy!!”

Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates announced the release of this fine piece of investigative wizardry.   I don’t know about youz guyz, but anytime someone includes their middle initial to introduce themselves, I get both amused and  concerned.  Do they think it makes them more professional or buffoonish?  I’m thinking the latter.

These geniuses determined that a lack of trust in law enforcement and “burdensome” hiring criteria limit the hiring of minorities into police forces.  Hmmmmm.  They recommend that those departments looking to diversify should remove the automatic screening out of applicants who have prior drug use or criminal records.  Now there’s a thought!!

So, let’s analyze this revelation.  First, it implies that a significant number of minorities, who may apply for police positions,  are either criminals or drug abusers…or both.  How’s that for embracing a racial stereotype.  Second, it insinuates that if we want to keep these applicants in the mix, we could improve our relations with minority communities because they will more closely resemble the community itself…meaning that these communities have significant drug users, criminals or both.   Yes folks, this is our US government at work.  WOW!

The report cites the example of Ferguson, Missouri with it’s predominately white police force in a mostly black community.  Okay, so let’s do this.   Hire more minorities, regardless of prior criminal offenses, so we can now have a better understanding of the community.  Captain Tupac Shakur and Lieutenant Biggie Smalls are now in charge.  They’ll have the pulse of the community:  “Sex and Drugs and Rap ‘n Roll!!”

Obviously, the last thing we need to do in these communities is to try to rise above the tensions and challenge everyone to work to a higher standard.  No, no, no.  We want to treat this as another example of “dumbing down”  to the lowest common denominator…just like we’re doing in public schools.  Ex. Mrs. Johnson’s 6th grade class:  “We can’t read ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ today kids because poor Wang Chung and Jose can’t speak english yet and Jim Bob is just too stupid.  Instead, we’ll recite the alphabet…again.”

I guess, once again, I just don’t get it.  How about we establish guidelines for all police departments to better screen ALL applicants.  I’ve known a few cops, both white and minority, that should never have been given a gun and a badge.   For those people who violate the law, they get punished.  In other words, when the cop says “Get out of the car”, you get out of the friggin’ car.

Not all is lost though.  Here’s some good news.  Professional athletes are now dialed in to this situation.  They are protesting and signifying their support for these social injustices.  Just what we need…multiple documented felons telling us what we should do.  Whoa Boy!!